NESCRO 2017 season preparation

After finishing 2016 6th overall in the NESCRO Targa Rally Challenge we've decided to give it a bit more of a push for 2017. Our entry is in for the first round of the series up in Scotland. We've been seeded first in our class for the Satire Classic Rally up near Pitlochry.


Peugeot 106 Project Car

Meet our Peugeot 106 project car.

We’ve got our hands on an old Peugeot 106 1.6 automatic for just £300! It’s 17 years old and has only done 12,950 miles from new in all those years! The plan? – to drop the auto box out and stick a VTR manual box back in, then head off and have some fun!

This car has the MB3 3 speed gearbox in that’s been fitted by Renault, Citroen and Peugeot since the early 80′s – but it’s time to go! Once the gearbox ECU is unplugged the car won’t start but that’s ok….checking the wiring diagrams we can see that there’s some interaction between the auto box ECU and the main engine ECU and starter. The green cable in the white gearbox ECU plug (location C) just needs to be earthed to get the engine running.

The MB3 autobox is now out and the good news is that it looks like the crankshaft will accept a 1.6 flywheel (because it’s an auto – there’s no flywheel here!) – So we just need to find a flywheel, clutch kit, drive shafts, gear linkage, clutch cable, pedal box with brake and clutch pedal and hope that they all fit! A few pipes need to be modified to plumb the water system back up and there’s a bit of loose wiring still floating around in the engine bay that belonged to the auto box loom.

We’ve managed to pick up an unidentified MB5 gearbox, looks like a 1.6 but as the casing ID isn’t present it’s difficult to say without opening the casing and counting the teeth on the gears. The 5th gear is 35/41 so 0.85:1 so it could be a VTR box? It’s got the strengthened differential casing so it looks likely to be from a 1.6. We’ve also picked up a gear stick and gear linkage, 1.6 (200mm) flywheel and pedal box with clutch/brake. It looks like the engines going to have to come out to get the pedal box in though! As for driveshafts, we’re not sure yet…still experimenting!

To get the pedal box into place the engine needs to be removed so we’ve undone all of the pipe and wiring and dropped the engine (carefully!) down to the floor.

What an arse about getting the pedal box out of this Peugeot 106! The engine out and then the power steering rack had to come out too. Might just throw the 106 power steering rack away and stick a manual steering rack back in – saving best part of 8 kg! Bloody pipes everywhere! Can you spot the differences? (below)

We’ve modified the auto-pedal box by fitting the brake and clutch pedals from the manual and then drilled and reamed a hole in the appropriate place for the clutch cable to pass through, refitted and then put the power steering rack back in (after carefully centralising it!) So the car now has the right pedals and cables, oh and a knob!

The new clutch was aligned with the pressure plate on the work bench using a useful clutch alignment tool and then fitted to the flywheel before offering the gearbox up.

The link rods for the gear linkage turned out to be quite badly worn (from the breaker yard!) so we’ve replaced them with a set of group N link rods that cost about £30. Next job is the drive shafts which look like they could be the achillies heel of the project as it looks like the intermediate bearing housing on the automatic might be different from the manual but we’re going to have to find a manual housing to compare first. (back to the scrap yard)

We picked up a manual Peugeot 106 intermediate driveshaft bearing housing for a tenner and sure enough it turns out to be shorter so once fitted in place of the auto bearing housing on the back of the engine block the drive shaft should fit.

September 2015:

First event for the Peugeot was the Wearside Classic held at the Nissan Test Track in Sunderland. It was also the first event for us for over 15 years so we got a little overcome by the number of cones that we had to drive around on the various tests!

Well that was fun but we'd still prefer a bit more speed so it's time to take a look at what's going on in the world of road rallying in the north east these days.

Hexham Motor Club still organise some good 12 car rallies and they run a series that starts in October and finishes in April so it's time to see if we can get a run on one of those.

Time to fit some uprated lights:

As we're allowed to run two auxilliary lights what could be better than a pair of Cibie Oscar LED driving lights.....lucky we stock them!

And also a set of Ring Xenon Ultima H4 uprated headlight bulbs too.

October 2015:

The standard brakes are just a solid disc so we're going to change these for the 106 GTi front brakes with some Black Diamond Predator fast road pads and aero-specification brake hoses.

And our friends at Performance Creations have kindly donated some 4mm PVC mud flaps in Cherry Red so they'll match the car nicely and keep it clean and chip free when we hit the gravel!


November 2015:

Planned 12 car rally near Hexham and possibly another with Whitby Motor Club somewhere in North Yorkshire.

Peugeot 106 brake upgrade