Selle Royal Scientia ergonomic bike saddles

The new range of Scientia cycle saddles are designed for comfort and a perfect fit for any rider. Ergonomic saddles based on exhaustive studies together with the Sport University of Cologne (The largest sporting University in Europe)

The result is a range of nine ergonomic bike saddles that have been scientifically engineered to fit each cyclist.

How to choose your perfect saddle from the Selle Royal Scientia range:

Step 1: Select your riding position from the chart opposite. From Athletic to Relaxed. Your riding position may be determined by the type of bike that you ride but make any necessary adjustments to your bike to ensure that you feel comfortable by adjusting your existing saddle height and handlebar position to suit. Once happy you can either ask someone to take a photo of you whilst riding the bike or make an estimation of the angle of your back when in your normal riding position.

Your perfect saddle will be prefixed with the letters:

A = Athletic
M = Moderate
R = Relaxed

Make a note of the appropriate letter A,M or R

Scientia fitting guide 1
Scientia fitting guide 2

Step 2: Determine your Ischial variation. The best way to do this is call into our store and use our Selle Royal Scientia gauge but you can also do this at home with some corrigated cardboard by following the following techinique;

Place the cardboard on a flat surface then sit on it at 90 degrees and apply pressure. Find the centre of the two ischial impressions and measure the distance between the two impressions.


From the chart opposite you can determine your ischial variation as follows:

1. Less than 11cm - Small
2. Between 11cm and 13cm - Medium
3. Greater than 13cm - Large

Make a note of the appropriate number 1,2 or 3

You now have the code needed to select your perfect Selle Royal Scientia bike saddle:

For example M-2 would be moderate medium.

Take a look at the full range of Scientia ergonomic bike saddles by clicking here.