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Looking to try an electric bike before you buy?

Direct Car Parts and The E Bike Store now have a try-before-you-buy electric bike hire scheme so if you're looking to try an electric bike before buying give us a call. We have a range of demo bikes that you can hire for periods of one day to one week and if you decide to purchase an electric bike after hiring we'll give you a bit of discount off your new bike too.

We stock models that use some of the latest e-bike technology with drive systems that include:

  • Bosch Active Line, Bosch Performance Line and Performance CX (with E-MTB mode)
  • Kalkhoff Impulse 2 Drive and Impulse Evo.
  • FreeGo and EMU hub drive systems.

We are also fully trained and approved in the maintenance of all of the above e-bike systems so you can be sure you're supported by E-Bike Experts.

So how do you hire an electric bike from us?

First of all you must be aged 25+ years  , we're not able to hire bikes directly to anyone under this age. We also require two forms of ID from the list below:

  • Drivers license (Photo card)
  • Passport
  • Original copy of a bank statement matching the address on your drivers license.

Please note that we hold the original documents until the bike is returned.

We also ask you to sign a hire agreement and we take a deposit using your credit or debit card for an agreed value that depends upon the chosen electric bike. When the bike is returned we inspect the bike for any damage - damage to the bike will be charged based on any workshop time or parts required to repair the bike and to return it to the original pre-hire condition.

We also take a payment for the hire of the bike - some or all of this payment is refundable against the purchase of bike when you return after the hire period.

 Our current electric bikes available for hire include:

  • 2018 Trek Powerfly 5 gents MTB with 17.5 inch frame (Bosch Performance CX)
  • 2018 Trek Powerfly 4 ladies MTD with 15.5 inch frame (Bosch Performance CX)
  • FreeGo Hawk step-through frame. (Start price of £999)
  • FreeGo Folder - folding electric bike. (Start price of £999)
  • Emu step-through frame with front hub motor (Start price of £999)
  • Coming soon - Focus Hybrid with Bosch Performance CX drive system.

* Please note this list changes frequently so please call us for latest hire bike details.


PLEASE NOTE: Our hire scheme is purely for the purpose of trying an electric bike before you buy. We do not offer a general hire scheme.


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