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Meet our 2018 project car – The Talbot Samba LS!

Meet our latest project car for 2018 – It’s a 1983 Talbot Samba which is in bits…..lot’s of bits! We’ve just got the car back to our workshop and intend to spend the next few weeks tidying up the body shell, treating a few areas of rust and then coating it in waxoyl to protect it from the elements.     So the history of our Talbot Samba? It was sold by a Peugeot Talbot dealer in Lancashire back in August 1983 and has had one owner from new. The... Read More


How to keep your electric bike in tip-top condition this winter.

Taking care of your electric bike will ensure that your e-bike stays in good condition and will save you money in the long run on maintenance costs. Most good quality electric bikes (like ours!) need little in the way of electrical maintenance as the motors and batteries are sealed units. The main thing with the electrics is to ensure that you don’t go near them with a pressure washer and to dry them down after a wet bike ride. Keeping your bike drive train clean is one of the most... Read More


Our project Peugeot 106 wins the NESCRO Targa Rally challenge!

Having competed on 8 rounds of this year NESCRO Challenge our Project 106 has come out top! We’ve won the NESCRO Challenge with some great results this year. Our season didn’t start too well when we ended up retiring on the first round of the Challenge up near Pitlochry on the Saltire Classic. A broken gearbox mount allowed our engine to rotate into the radiator spilling all of the engine coolant! After the first round we ‘beefed up’ the rear gearbox mount and added some poly bushes to make the... Read More

Trek Super Commuter 9 25/06/2017

Meet the Trek Super Commuter +9 electric bike – maybe it’s finally time to ditch your car as a daily commute?

Our first Trek Super Commuter has just arrived so we thought it was time to see just what this electric bike is like to use as a daily commuter and an alternative to the car. The Trek Super Commuter+ 9 use the latest Bosch Performance CX electric motor combined with a 500wh battery pack which has been nicely integrated into the bike frame. Trek have also gone for the Bosch Purion display which is more compact than the Intuvia unit that’s used on most hybrid and trekking e-bikes. The Purion... Read More


Trek 2018 electric mountain bike launch – Sneak preview!

Today we’ve had the first look at the latest electric mountain bikes from Trek. These 2018 e-MTB’s all use the Bosch Performance CX motor combined with a 500wh battery integrated into the frame giving a super-cool look. We’re hoping to have the first 2018 Trek e-MTB‘s in stock before the end of June! So if you’re interested in the latest 2018 models give us a call. We will have a couple of demo models available to try.

trek powerfly 5 e-mtb 03/06/2017

Trek electric mountain bikes are now available from The-EBikeStore, Durham

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be stocking Trek electric bikes for the 2018 season. We’re attending the 2018 e-bike launch at Trek’s headquarters in Milton Keynes next week and expect 2018 Trek e-bikes to start arriving around the end of June.   Trek’s entry level electric mountain bike is the Powerfly 5 e-MTB which uses the latest Bosch Performance CX electric motor combined with a 500wh battery. For 2018 Trek are starting to integrate the batteries into the frame to give the bike a sleeker look. As with all... Read More



We have just received our new wiper blade range Mota 1 in store. These new wipers are better quality and are all universal fitting. We have a large selection of different sizes as you can view them by size by clicking here; Mota 1 wiper blades.  They are suitable for all weather conditions and are available in TRADE PRICES.


Emu black cross bar electric bike **NEW ARRIVAL**

Just arrived in The E-bike Store is the new black cross bar Emu Electric Bike. Come down to The E-Bike Store to view our new stylish arrival. The black finish Emu electric bike. With it’s powerful 250w motor and a lightweight frame and non corrosive aluminium, makes it a delight to ride.   Main specification of the EMU; Motor; 250w front hub Sensor; Crank moving sensor, pedal assist Display; Digital 6 power models, state of charge, speedometer functions, controls for bike lights, USB port for charging your mobile phone Battery; 374Wh with Samsung battery... Read More


Our Little Tree new air freshener range

  We have recently just updated our air freshener range to some new products for 2017.   Our new Air Fresheners and more information about them;  First of all the Air freshener scented bottles; we have two available scents in these Lemon & Apple but also other scents are available to order. The air freshener bottles are new unique Little Tree glass bottle air fresheners and they are very easy to use as you can hang it almost anywhere in the car or even in the house. They last for... Read More

Peugoet 106 rallying 18/02/2017

Preparing the Peugeot 106 for the 2017 NESCRO Rally Challenge

So is it possible to compete in motorsport on a shoestring budget? The NESCRO Challenge is a great place to start for anyone looking to get involved in motorsport in the North of England or Scotland. Entry fees for events are typically around £100 but for this you’ll normally get a full days competition and food thrown in too! After finishing our first season in the Peugeot 106 6th overall, we’ve decided to push the boat out this year and see if we can make it into the top 5.... Read More